One Room Challenge: Week 4: The Last of the Bones


Hey peeps! Happy Week 4 of ORC! Not a lot of pretty progress (but some) since last week’s update, but lots that add a ton of value and security to our home! Before we move on, catch up from the beginning; here are the posts from weeks one, two and three.

This past week as been filled with what most would consider the regular woes of renovations. Plumbing issue, after plumbing issue, after plumbing issue. We lost a full day of renovations due to a leak in our shut off valve. Fortunately, the problem led to all new plumbing.


It may not look like much to you guys, but this is all new plumbing people! All new pipes. All new valves. All new placement. Our plumbing has gone from 1977 to 2019 and it is goooooood!


To round out the plumbing category, all of the plumbing for the entire bathroom is totally done. Special shout out to the new shower plumbing. In case you missed the explaination on my stories, I made some very special changes to how we control our shower.


I wanted to leave our shower head in it’s existing location, but move the controls to the back of the shower. This would make turning the shower on a much more pleasurable experience, since we’d be able to do so without being doused with cold water. This will be especially important once the glass shower enclosure is installed.


To add to the good news, both the bathroom door and our closet door have been replaced with space-saving pocket doors! This change is what triggered the need for a full blown renovation of our bathroom. Hubs and I were tired of the awkwardness of the two swinging doors and would have nightly conversations coming up with solutions on how to replace them ourselves. This is so much better.


Last, but certainly not least, the new French doors got some new friends!


Kichler is an amazing source for all your architectural lighting needs and have some of the highest quality product on the market. If you’re in love with them as much as I am, just click the Where to Buy link on their site to see how to get your hands on your own!

We had two of these black, 2-light cylinder wall lights from Kichler installed on either side of the French doors and they are already my favorite things! Please ignore the glow of a single light; I had only one light bulb to test them out.

KIchler 12” 2-light Cylindar Wall Light in Matte Black

KIchler 12” 2-light Cylindar Wall Light in Matte Black


I chose them for their clean lines and matte black finish. I loved the thought of that sleekness contrasted by the background of our painted ceder siding. They also fulfill a major part of my dream to turn the exterior of our home into my mid-century inspired dream!


They are also my reminder that all the pretty for the inside is right around the corner. As a matter of fact, next up is the sun tunnel installation, tile and then paint! Hopefully, all within the next 5-7 days! Be sure to stay tuned to my stories on Instagram for all the in-the-moment action. And be sure to check out the latest updates from all of the other featured designers.

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