One Room Challenge: Week 5: Finally some progress!

Hey Peeps! We’re a day late on our week 5 update, but for damn good reason. So, by the time last week’s post went live, we were supposed to be tiling the bathroom, so that by the time Shavonda got here, we would be pulling the rooms together, styling and photographing!


That ain’t happen.

My tile guy was a no call, no show. Totally ghosted. No answered phone calls. No returned text messages. Nothing. This resulted in having all work at a stand still for almost 5 days! Talk about depressing! But after about 15 phone calls and 6 separate bids, we finally had a new tile guy and were back to making progress. Unfortunately, that progress didn’t happen until yesterday morning, so if my post went up on time, it would basically look exactly like where we left off in week 4. So, now you see why I held off another day? I promise it was totally worth it!

So here’s where things are as I write this post!


We have drywall! Not only do we have drywall, but it’s been installed, taped and mudded! I also have a smooth ceiling! It just needs a good sanding and then it’s time for paint!


The drywall is also up in the bathroom and our “medicine cabinet” niches are almost complete! Once done, we’ll be putting acrylic shelves in these to hold all of our toiletries and bathroom what-nots.


Last, but certainly not least, we FINALLY have some tile on the wall!


All of my tile was provided by the amazing people at The Tile Shop! The team at my neighborhood location were incredible to work with and made this process as stress free as possible, helping with understanding everything I needed, from thinset to haze remover!

The shower tile is the Color Market Ceramic Subway Tile in the Army colorway. I knew from the very beginning (over 6 months ago) that I wanted a dark, moody green bathroom and this tile spoke to everything I was hoping to find. The color was spot on, I loved the matte finish and it had just enough texture to appear interesting and hand-made looking.


This color will be the main design feature of the bathroom, setting the tone for my moody, spa-like dream.


Besides the abundant use of capital letters, i CAN NOT EXPRESS HOW EXCITED I AM! This has been a longer than necessary, stressful process to get to this point and now that it’s happening, the finish line can’t come soon enough!

Speaking of finish line, this is what we have to look forward to for the bathroom!

Now, we’re just setting our expectations for when this project will be finished! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we have a true reveal on Wednesday, but we will definitely be cutting it close. Send up a prayer or two for me! In the meantime, check out the links below to see what the other featured designers are up to…and whether they’re going to make it or not too!

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