One Room Challenge: Week 2

Hi Friends! Week 1 was a bit of a tease, but we’re back for the Week 2 installment of the ORC! It’s time! We’re finally revealing the space in my house that we’re transforming for the One Room Challenge! If you’re here from my bestie’s blog, WELCOME! You’re in the right place! You just found out that we’re not just making over one space, we’re making over TWO spaces!

Yes, my master bedroom and bathroom!!!

***que the fireworks and confetti***

I can not tell you how high the anxiety is right now, but it’s totally eclipsed by the excitement! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know that we’ve lived in our home for just over three years now. Immediately after moving in, I got to work on updating as much of the house as I could. Mainly paint and changing hardware, but it was enough to make the place feel updated and like it was ours. The master got a couple coats of dark, moody paint, a new ceiling fan and new furniture and all was well with the world.


Where I ran out of gas, and completely started to avoid (besides using it 10 times a day), was our master bathroom.

oh my god, our bathroom…


Sooooo….. yeeeaaaahhhh……

This space has not been touched. This room is completely original, with the exception of the blue paint (the previous home owners painted the ENTIRE HOUSE this powdery baby blue).

I’m getting rid of every single bit of it! ALL. OF. IT. This is going to be a down-to-the-studs total gut job and I can’t wait! You wanna know why? Because its going to look look like this!

CH & SG ORC Bathroom Mood Board

CH & SG ORC Bathroom Mood Board

This bathroom is about to be a mood! A moooood!

The bedroom tho….

CH & SG ORC Bedroom Mood Board

CH & SG ORC Bedroom Mood Board

Guys, we’ve always had plans to tackle our bathroom, but imagine my head exploding when we were invited to work on these spaces for One Room Challenge. I’m so excited to be working with some of the most amazing brands, like Tile Shop, Lulu and Georgia, Loloi Rugs and Behr Paint. Shavonda and I will be breaking down all the details and specifics every week over the next 5 weeks, especially via Instagram stories. Hopefully, none of it changes too drastically, but you never know when you’re working with the ORC gods. Pray for me!

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