One Room Challenge: Week 3: French Doors & Bathroom Demo


Hey peeps! It’s Week 3 of ORC and our master suite has undergone quite the transformation; one that I’ve been dreaming about since we first saw our home over 3 years ago! And if you don’t know what’s happening around these parts, be sure to catch up on the posts for week 1 and week 2. and my new ORC highlights on Instagram!

Remember before, our bed was centered on the south wall of the room, right next to the one and only window in the space. Besides being off-balance, the window was very poorly placed right next to the bathroom, creating a pretty serious privacy issue with our surrounding neighbors. To make matters even worse, it provided almost no natural light to the overall bedroom. These were just a few reasons that IT HAD TO GO!


When we bought the house, my original was to install a second matching window on the opposite side of the room to bring in more natural light and to give the room some symmetry. We later found out that we have major electrical and copper pipes for our AC unit running exactly through the space where said window would go. It would’ve been ridiculously expensive to move those lines, so we had to go with a more central option. I thought a big picture window would be amazing, but the bestie, Shavonda, suggested that we go with French doors and I loved that idea. It would make for a great feature whenever we decided to pretty up our backyard. I later realized though that it would also make the perfect exit way for all the demo that would come out of the bathroom. Turns out, the later was reason enough!

I would’ve loved to have gone custom and purchased all wood doors to match the rest of our exterior doors, but with the time constraints of ORC, it just wasn’t possible. I knew that I wanted a style that was simple with no mullions or decorative elements, because I didn’t want anything disrupting my newly found natural light. The task would be to find the style I wanted in a size that would work for our space and also be available immediately. Fortunately, the amazing people at Lowe’s Home Improvement came to my rescue!

I was able to find this set of primed JELD-WEN Fiberglass doors in the exact size and style I was looking for. Not only were they a great price, they also had great reviews. And since they come installed in a frame, they were super simple for my team to install.

Lowe’s JELD-WEN Tempered Glass Primed Fiberglass Left-Hand Inswing French Patio Doors

Lowe’s JELD-WEN Tempered Glass Primed Fiberglass Left-Hand Inswing French Patio Doors

They measured everything out and started by cutting into the drywall. Once they removed the drywall, out came the insulation and then they removed all the studs. Before cutting through to the exterior, they installed a new header and then reframed the opening.


Once the hole was framed in, it was time to install our new doors.


Once the doors were in and secured, they got to work framing in the window using everything that was demoed to make room for the doors: studs, insulation and cedar boards on the exterior.


After some caulking, trimming and paint, the exterior will be down! But what’s most important is that we now had a route bathroom demo! They waited no time getting right to it! The vanity was the first thing to go, then the toilet, the floor and then the shower wall tile.


The tub is one of the final pieces of demo, so the crew will pull it out tomorrow. They will also be scraping the popcorn ceiling in the bedroom and start framing the pocket doors. Once those are done, it will be time to start putting things back together, starting with getting all of the plumbing and electrical moved and roughed in. Crossing my fingers and toes that things go smoothly and quickly after that, because that means it’ll be time for all the pretties!

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