my favorite way to connect…


I’m incredibly passionate about connecting and building community and one of my favorite ways to do so is by sharing my knowledge with just about anyone who will listen! From how to style interiors to plant care to social media management, there are very few topics I won’t cover, hence the randomness of Cohesive Randomness. I cover a lot of basics on my blog and social channels, but love hosting workshops for a more hands-on and one-on-one approach to teaching, so be sure to check back here to stay up to date on all upcoming classes and events!


nubi plant rehab

7 september 2019

Are you a new plant parent (or not-so-new) and have a struggling plant baby? Join me for a Rehab workshop where I break down the problems and the trouble-shooting opportunities to not only bring your plants back to life, but also nurse them back to happy and heathy! You’ll also have the opportunity to bring your struggling plant baby and get some one-on-one consult time with me!