Well, I should start by saying, "I LOVE MY LIFE!" I'm in love. I have an amazing family. I have the most wonderful friends that anyone could pray for. I'm one of those college graduates that was more than lucky to find a job (or should I say, to have a job find me) that's even remotely related to their degree. And I have a God that chooses to bless me daily with life and all of my gifts and talents. I assure you, it's all wonderful. But something was missing.

I've been one of those people that sat back and watched others accomplish great things, and then wondered why nothing great ever happened to me. Yes, I'll call that confession #1. I've seen people live overly organized and adventure-filled lives, and wondered how do they did it. Well, after a while of internal debating & a little procrastinating, I decided that I would start my own somewhat organized adventure, Cohesive RanDoMneSs!

 [Que appropriate grand intro music]

This blog is for me to share more than just pieces of me with you, but more like chunks of my existence and the people/places/things that my existence effects. or is it affects? (Insert confession #2: I'm not a very good speller.) Things like being engaged...then not being engaged & calling off a wedding...then deciding to be friends...then getting back to together...then being contractually engaged (again. sort of)...then FINALLY being married; losing a mother who went through four years and five diagnoses of breast cancer; turning our builder basic rental into the destination of my dreams on a budget of $14.63...and any other RanDoMneSs that I can think of that will fit cohesively into this little corner of the world wide web.

So, WELCOME!!! And ENJOY!!! And try to keep up during my attempt to make the randomness that makes up my life pleasantly cohesive : )