Nubi's Plant Parenting Guide Launch Party


Have you ever had a moment where you paused to take stock in your accomplishments…even if it was just your to-do list for the day? If not, try it. It’s been a long while since I’d done it, but I took a moment yesterday and I seriously can’t express how proud of myself I am. I’m not one to brag, but I’m totally bragging on myself right now. #sorrynotsorry

Yesterday, June 29th, 2019, was the day that a lot of the work I’ve been putting in over the past several month, all came together. It was launch day of my plant guide, Nubi’s Plant Parenting Guide, the unveiling of my brand new website,, and the announcement of the new upcoming workshops and services that I now provide! I celebrated it all with a plant-filled, sipping soiree of a launch party at Urban Earth Memphis, put on by myself and 2 amazingly supportive women: my plant guide partner/illustrator, Cecilia Walker of Walkabout and Anna K. Colomb of TCB Events.


Anna set up the most delectable grazing table, mimosas were flowing and some of the most beautiful people showed up and had the best time eating, sipping and talking plants!

The support was incredible and the love was palpable! So many Urban Earth employees exclaimed how they had never seen so many beautiful people come together in their space and I’m so happy that they were all there for me!!!

This is a day is pressed upon my heart and one that I will never forget. I’ve never been so proud of myself and felt so much love and support from the community around me! Thank you all who were able to attend and a huge thank you to those that have purchased my plant guide! I love you guys forever!


The biggest thank you to my photog bae, Kim Thomas of KPFusion, who showed up, not only to support, but also brought her camera! She made all of this look just as amazing at it did in person!