Saturday Styling: How to Style a Nightstand (Look 3)

Happy Saturday peeps! This Saturday Styling post almost didn't see the light of day, but I just couldn't let my time and these photos go to waste! we go, how to style a nightstand: look 3!

Remember, all the principles from looks




are foundations and still apply. But for look 3, I pulled back on the frills and came up with this simple look. For who, I'm not sure yet, but I'm sure you guys can help me come up with an end user! Let's just say that they're a renter who can't put holes in their walls to hang art and probably aren't the best plant parent, so we brought in some faux!

Again, starting with a blank slate. 

Lighting is always the first element. Renter, homeowner, male, female, plant whisperer or plant murderer...everybody needs the ability to see!

Now, a stack of books.

Two for good measure.

A metal easel for those art lovers that can't put holes in their walls.

Top it with your favorite piece. Make sure it's not too large so you're not risking knocking it over.

Greenery is a must! Although it's not alive, it's still representative of life!

Finish things off with a small trinket dish to corall your small bits!


Burl Wood Nightstand: vintage, 

Scout Design Studio

, in love with 


Lamp: Target, similar


 in black and brass

Art: gifted, dying because I can't remember the name of the artist

Horn Dish: 

Mbabazi Styles

, similar 


Precious Book: 


Black Geo Faceted Vase: Stash Home, similar

here in matte finish