Saturday Styling: How to Style a Nightstand (Look 1)

Happy Saturday, peeps! This week's Saturday Styling post is a bit late, but its still Saturday none the less! And to top that, lots of you will be pretty happy because this one was highly requested! I'm breaking down how to style a nightstand!

Styling any nightstand requires the same fundamental elements: lighting, something to corral your end of day or early morning bits, like jewelry or hair ties, and then something pretty! Your nightstand is one of the first things you see every morning and the last thing you see before you sleep, so make it something that gives you happy, calming inspiring thoughts.

For this look, I though I should style with a house guest in mind. Guests have very different needs than permanent dwellers and you want to be sure that they are all met and within arms reach. 

I started with lighting; crucial for those who are away from their own home.

Next, a piece of art. 

Then, a stack books. Not only for height, but also for your guest to flip through if they'd like.

Next, a small dish for them to place jewelry or pocket change.

Add things like a carafe of water with a glass. It's incredibly thoughtful and great for those guests that feel a little apprehensive to walk through your home late at night to grab a glass themselves.

Lastly, finish things off with a little bit of life. Flowers are always a beautiful touch, but I like to keep things simple with a house plant or sprig of greenery. It also saves those house guests with sensitive allergies.

And now, not only is the nightstand styled to perfection, it's also ready for any guest! 


Burl Wood Nightstand: vintage,

Scout Design Studio

, in love with



IKEA PS 2017



Brass Dish: thrifted, loving

this one

Domino Book:


A Girl's Guide to Decorating Book:


 (tip: buy it used)

Water Carafe: Stash Home,


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