Good to Know: How to Propagate a Pothos Plant

I can't believe I've never written this out, but man am I glad that I finally have! As a self proclaimed plant whisperer and proud plant mama, I'm an avid believer that part of caring for your plants is pruning and propagating them to grow more new and healthy plants! And the easiest and my most favorite plant to propagate is the pothos.

Pothos plants grow long, leafy vines from their crowns and these vines will grow and grow and grow. This is the area of the plant that's ideal for propagating.

Necessary tools are simple: scissors, a vessel and water 

First, trim the vine from the plant. Cut it close to the crown/head of the plant.

Make note of each node on the vine. Be sure to not damage them. These are where your new roots come from.

Trim each leaf from the vine by cutting away the vine from either side of the node.

You should be left with leaves that each have a node and vine segments.

Gather all of the leaves with the nodes facing down.

Place in your vessel. I prefer a clear glass one so that I can see the root development over time.

Fill the vessel with fresh water.

Place your vessel on a kitchen counter, but out of direct sunlight. Be sure to change the water ever 3-5 days and you should start to see new roots in no time!

I'll be back to update this post with progress photos as the roots develop.

Happy Propagating!