Saturday Styling: Kitchen Counters

Saturday Styling is back!

I put out some feelers on

this Instagram post

, asking you guys what you wanted see next! Quite surprisingly, there were an overwhelming number of requests for kitchen and bathroom counter tops! So that's where I started.

I didn't want to overwhelm you, or this post, with 10 million photos and words explaining how I style all 18 linear feet of my counter tops, so I condensed this first post (yes, there will be more than one post on counters) to just the workhorse side of my stove.

I started with using my



rectangle breadboards

as a backdrop and then a

serving tray

as a foundation.

To fill in the remaining space, I brought in a leftover glass-lid and filled it with cookie snack packs. (Which I later swapped out for my

grease container


Once the foundation was done, I started to bring on all my cooking essentials: oils, vinegars, salt and paper and a

mortar & pestle


Lastly, I added my propagated Pothos cuttings for greenery. I typically have fresh herbs like thyme, mint or parsley here, but I was all out. Remember, no space is complete without a plant (or greenery of any kind)!

To top things off, here's a little gif to see it all come together!

If you want to see other kitchen areas, don't worry, those are coming up over the next week! Until then, enjoy!