Finding Your Personal Style

Moto Jacket: Wilson's Leather, similar


Black Turtleneck: JCrew,


Jeans: Old Navy,


Shoes: Target,


Purse: Zara,


First, Happy New Year peeps! We're 13 days in and are dead center of that period where people are yelling, "new year, new me". While 99% of the time, that's not entirely the case, I discovered a few days ago that that phrase held some truth to it...even for me. Sort of.

So, a couple days ago, I was on Instagram showing how I plan out my outfits and I gave details on things like where most of my inspiration comes from and what article of clothing I typically start with when putting a look together. But afterwards, once I was all done, I realized that a lot of us tend to have problems putting looks together, because we haven't quite nailed, understood or defined our own personal style.

If you can't define or describe your style, it can be difficult to feel inspired when getting dressed or shop for new pieces. Of course, our styles are always evolving, but there's always something that speaks to who we are at our core. So, before setting all those resolutions and clearing out your entire existing wardrobe in the name of a new you, here's 5 tips to help you hone in on your personal style!

1. Check your closet!

Do you have a million boyfriend blazers and straight jeans? There's definitely something about those items that not only speak to who you are, but make you feel comfortable and look amazing! Why else would you keep buying the same cut jeans in 16 different washes!?

2. What's that thing about you that people compliment the most?

A signature lip color? Your ability to accessorize? You're extensive collection of graphic tees? These are all elements that you can not only incorporate in your daily style, but will also translate into any look, no matter what the current trends are.

3. Look to those that inspire you most! And Pinterest!

In love with Tracee Ellis Ross? Manhattan Street Style? The 70's? Search these looks on Pinterest, dissect what you love most about them and then give it a description. Effortless glam with a hint of menswear? Eclectic chic that elevates the everyday? Color-blocking at it's finest with a side of free spirit? These can all be the guiding thoughts while you're getting dressed or hitting up Zara's latest sale!

4. Respect all facets of you!

So, you're a little preppy but love a modern edge. Listen to that part of you that wants that tartan button up, but pair it with leather leggings! You're a girl's girl, but also captain of your roller derby squad? A flowy pleated skirt with a graphic Grateful Dead tee is right up your alley! Never be afraid to be both! 

5. Challenge yourself, but do it for you!

Personal style is just that, personal. Do what you feel and let your look speak for you! But, have you ever asked yourself why you're drawn to certain things or why you choose to wear certain things when you do? Why you love the look of this necklace, but would never wear the matching bracelet at the same time. Have you ever told yourself that you can't wear something, like white shoes or skinny jeans? Why? Get clear and definite answers to these questions, even if the answer is just, "I don't feel comfortable in this." It's not just an answer; it's


answer! Be secure in that fact!


[photos by

Kim Thomas