Nubi House: Happy Holidays!

Happy December! It's officially holiday season!!! I decked our hall a couple weeks ago, in preparation for my Friendsgiving. Now, it's time to share it with the rest of my friends...all of you!

 I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas decor: I love it. Love to put them out. Hate that I have a tendency to overthink them and hate to take them down. This year, my overthinking took place while out in Hobby Lobby. I don't frequent this place often, but they do Christmas decor like no other. I thought I wanted to change up our black, gold and silver with something new this year. I was tempted by some velvet ornament they had on display in emerald green and deep red wine. Incredibly gorgeous! But the overthinking kicks in and I feel the need to change up the living room decor to match the Christmas decor.

No. Just no.

I reigned it in and convinced myself that the tree needed to match the current decor. I was already 90% there with the black, gold and silver. I wanted to add in more touches of black, green (plants, hello?!?), neutrals to coordinate with the thread animal print without screaming glam or Peggy Bundy.

So what did I do? I came home with some eucalyptus garland, 3 paper mache cones, about 10-12 paper mache ornaments in various shapes and an assortment of cream bottle brush trees. I layered the garland on the fireplace mantle and tucked in my trees. I spray painted the paper mache cone "trees" black, but left the ornaments naked. The cardboard color worked perfectly. Those few minor touches are now my favorites in the entire scheme of things. I love how it all came together.

Now, welcome in and enjoy the tour!