Nubi House: Ready for Fall

Hey guys! It's been a while! Long enough for our super warm fall to drop the bottom out of it's temperatures. Brrrrr! It's gotten so cold that it was time for some updates to the living room to help usher in the season of cozy!

Just a few weeks ago, our living room sported lots of summery whites, lighter textures and few hints of color here and there.

I decided to tone things down and turn up the cozy a bit by minimizing the pops of color, bringing in some neutrals in the form of animal prints, giving the wet bar a total refresh and swapping out the white lacquered coffee table for the coffee table of my dreams. The plant babies keep the space fresh and feeling like paradise!

There's a very special story about this coffee table, but I won't go into all the teary details. The short version is that I fell in love at first sight of it over 4 years ago. It wasn't in the cards for me to own it then ($$$) but the universe brought him back when I heard through the grapevine that someone was replacing him with something newer and, ultimately, he was gifted to me for FREE.99!

It's the

Dubios cocktail table

from Bernhardt Furniture and it's perfection. There's just nothing better than a over-scaled, round, black, textural coffee table with brass caps!

The new cheetah and axis deer pillows are a really close 2nd in the list of new additions (they also conclude the list, but that's neither here or there lol).

The wet bar finally has the presence it deserves. Things started out great

back when they were newly installed

, but it slowly turned into a catchall for all the displaced decor from around the house. So, I decluttered and rid the space of any unnecessary baubles and truly edited things down to what was most beautiful and important.

The changes may be minimal, but the space just feels so much better. Now, it's the perfect foundation for a few holiday get-togethers! 

Do you switch things up for fall in your home? What's the first thing you swap out? Tell me all about it in the comments below!