Saturday Styling: How to Style a Coffee Table

Happy Saturday loves! I'm back with a special edition of Saturday Styling! 

This one is special because it's a follow up tutorial to my very first IGTV video! I wanted my first video to be super relevant to what I do and why you guys follow me and that's all things home decor. Coffee table styling is one of the most searched home styling tutorials out there, so I decided to give you a Nubi Interiors version! I'm so proud of how it turned out and of you haven't seen it, you can check it out



Now, to break it all down for little extra credit, here's the same tutorial in photo form!

First, ask yourself, how do you want your coffee table to function? Do you use the surface to eat dinner? Play games? Put your feet up? How you use your coffee table will strongly influence the decor that's put on it.

Next, assess the shape of your coffee table. Round, square, rectangle or oval, the shape of your coffee table will dictate the arrangement of the decor.

For example, my coffee table is square. I could easily place items in a grid-like arrangement, or all for corners of the table.

But, in this application, that's just not very interesting to me. So, to keep things for feeling humdrum and monotonous, and to combat all the right angles, I'm going to place my decor in a triangle shaped arrangement.

The top of the triangle is closest to the sofa and the side of the table that requires more function. That will be the side that all of the items that we need to access easily will go. Since a majority of those items are usually small things that need corralling, like remote controls, matches, coasters, candles, etc., the very first, and most important item that I bring in is a tray.

Not only are trays great for corralling small items, they're perfect for moving things to make space for dinner or a game of chess! They're also perfect for bringing in a ton of style so be sure to consider one with a shape, color and texture that with work well with your coffee table.

The one I'm using oval (combats the square shape of the table), black (high color contrast from the white table) and rattan (high textural contrast from the smooth, almost glossy surface of the table).

So, continue the triangular foundation of my arrangement, I bring in the second most important decorative element for a coffee table: coffee table books! Not only can coffee table books be beautiful and decorative, they can also give guest a closer look into the interests and personalities of the people that dwell in the space! My books really speak to my interest as most of them are about home decor, plants, coffee or Black History.

Coffee table books also create another surface, a platform even, for more decor!

Now, the final point of my triangle is where I want to create some interest and bring in some height. You want to make sure that when styling your coffee table (or any surface for that matter), that all elements play well together but consist of varying heights!

For height, I brought in a three modern black candlesticks. Although there are multiples, the placement of the set is singular to the overall arrangement.

So, now that my triangular foundation is laid, it's time to layer on the essentials and add some more decorative elements. First up, is a decorative box. It's perfect for containing the not so pretty things that our 3 remote controls.

Next, I bring in a sage smudge stick. They're not only useful in blessing or cleansing your space of unwanted energy, they're simple, natural elements that are beautiful in home decor.

The last element of necessity to be corralled in the tray: our set of coasters. Everyday items like coasters are easy to elevate to something more decorative and aesthetically pleasing. Mine are blue agate, but yours can be marble or brass or even painted ceramic. Treat them as an opportunity to bring in more of your personal style!

Lastly, but most importantly, every coffee table needs an element of green! Whether it's a simple vase of tulips or your favorite plant baby, be sure to bring an some evidence of life (even if it's faux)! 

Plants and greenery say to a space "

Someone not only lives here, but loves here


A giant faux monstera leaf inside a short round vase was the perfect finishing touch for my coffee table.

Just a few things to remember as you embark on your own styling journey:

1. bring in items that are complimentary in color and style to your overall space

2. bring in items that you have a personal connection to...or just make you happy

3. HAVE FUN! It doesn't have to be rocket science. 

If you love any of the items I used, here's a collection of items I've curated that will give you a very similar look!

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