My love for CB2 runs deep!

If you follow me on Instagram, then this proclamation is nothing new to you! However...wait til you see what I snagged!


is a brand that speaks to my vintage modern edgy clean-line loving heart and this season's latest catalog had me singing my excitement! No matter what type of space you're shopping for,


has the statement piece for you!

Although I'm always in the market for new furniture, the pocketbook isn't always ready. But,


has mastered offering amazing statement accessories that don't break the bank. I love looking for beautiful and unique items that can instantly change up the vibe of a coffee table, bookshelf or nightstand. I've got a ton of styling content headed your way, so I jumped at the chance to snag some new pieces.

Here's what I have on order (and snagged at great prices)...counting down the days for their arrival! 

For more info on each piece, just click the link under the photo.

Ruse Ivory Vase

I can't wait to have all of these pretties in hand! You guys will be the first to know when they arrive! Be sure to check out CB2 for yourself...then come back and let me know what you bought! LOL!