Changes to the Living Room

Yup, the pool table is leaving. I alluded to this a couple days ago. Did you guess correctly? Click below to read all about why it's finally time.

First of all, I bed a lot of you didn't even realize that we had a pool table. I definitely don't show it off very often. Never in life would I buy one, but this one just so happen to have come with the house. I even wrote

a blog post

about it right after we moved in, trying to get people to agree with me to get rid of it, as opposed to the hubs, who wanted to keep it.

This is what it looked like when we moved in. Obviously, we kept it, but the compromise was getting it re-felted. 

And now, it's got to go.

The fam and I have been working from every surface in the house...except a work space. Hubs and I do a lot of work at home. Home is pretty much a satellite office for him and home IS my office when it comes to my client work and blog work. In and of themselves, they are almost daily activities, requiring a surface to spread out all the things. And to top things off, during the school year, the kid needed a place to do homework. We were making due with the dining table, but it could only cut it for so long before we got sick of not having anywhere to sit for dinner. Every seat was always being taken up by laptops, papers, backpacks, mail, paint samples, you name it.

So, we're getting rid of the pool table to create a studio for me and work space for the fam. I will have a place to spread out all of my creative necessities, hubs will have a place to comfortably plug in to get some work done and the kid will finally be able to separate stressful homework time and space from what should be time and space for family togetherness when sharing a meal.

Here's a few of

my pins

to give you guys an idea of what I have in mind for the space.

via Pinterest

So, we're kissing her goodbye. I, for one, won't be sad once she goes. I'll be back tomorrow to break down the actual design plans for the space! In the meantime, anyone interested in purchasing a pool table? We have the table, all the balls, two racks, a brush and about 8 sticks. Shoot me an email if you're interested!