Saturday Styling: My Gateway into Macrame

Happy Saturday peeps! So a few of you may have heard about and are well aware of a little giveaway that's happening on my Instagram feed! One of the prizes is this small scaled macrame wall hanging from the lovely BohemianSummerNight Etsy shop.

Would you believe that I've never owned a piece of macrame? Well, outside of a vintage plant hanger, I had never jumped on the macrame wall hanging bandwagon. I think it was the "modern" in my "modern boho" aesthetic that would never let me pull the trigger on any piece that peaked my interest. Well, enter, Linette.

Linette has been a long-time Instagram follower of mine and, one day, offered to send me one of her amazing creations. She even offered to include another one for a lucky Instagram follower of mine. I was extremely excited, but was a little nervous that I wouldn't luuuhhhve it, since I've had such a hard time liking any of the mainstream options I had seen before. Well, I received her package and once I got it open, those nerves immediately washed away! 

It was so me! It was black! Modern! A total departure from the norm.

 I couldn't wait to get it up and styled for some killer photography!

I brought in one of my vintage African stools, a few books and a woven container to give the piece some context. And you guys know my rule that no styling moment is complete without some form of life. My monstera fit the bill perfectly!

It still lives on this wall in our eat-in kitchen area and I love that it adds another layer of interest and texture to a once empty space! So now that Linette (THANK YOU) has shown me the great beyond in the world of macrame, I'm off to see what other outside-of-the-box wall art I can find!