My Seat at the Table: The Greats the Made It Possible

As much as I love all of the love and congratulatory comments for creating my Art by Design space, it would be nothing without the contribution of these amazing people and businesses!

First and foremost, I have to give a huuuuuge thank you to Stash Home for being so willing to help me on this project! Their support was unwavering and I couldn't not have done it without them!

All product was provided by Stash Home!

Next, Anthony Lee.

Anthony D Lee (photo via Memphis Daily News)
I was introduced to Anthony's work by the art curator that helped all of the designers for Art by Design. I was able to visit his studio in the Marshall Arts studio in the Edge area of downtown and once I walked in, my eyes spotted the exact piece I wanted to use for my space! Once I asked about it, Anthony explained that he was actually still working on it. My response was, "Will it be done in the next 3 days?" I was desperate! Fortunately, Anthony said that he could make it happen and that my ask was just the push he needed to get it finished! It end up being beyond perfect and I can't thank Anthony enough for allowing me to display it in my space.

Next is Alexis Miché.

I fell in love with Alexis's sketches a couple years ago and was amazed at what she could do with a simple pencil and a pad of sticky notes.

She granted my wish of having one of her female bust sketches in my space and it paired perfectly with a large abstract piece by Frances Berry. 

Moving on to none other than Nate Renner.

I met Nate through a friend of a friend and then became fast friends. He was wanting to get his name out in design community and offered to create something just for my space. I gave him my idea and he totally ran with it, exceeding all of my expectations. He's one of the nicest and funniest guys I've met in a long time, but his talent... holy shit balls. This guy can do it all.

He produced what turned out to be the diva star of the space, none other than Yeezus himself.

Now, on to my love, Frances Berry.

Frances in her studio (photo via Design Sponge)
I randomly discovered Frances's work one day and immediately followed her on Instagram. Well, soon after, she followed me back. Soon after, we were messaging each other about collaborating on a project. Initially, she offered to paint a mural at #nubihouse but once I told her that I was participating in Art by Design, we knew she had to bless my space in any way she saw fit! The closer time grew, I knew I wanted her work as a featured element of the space. If you're familiar with her work, you know she's a genius when it comes to mural and giant scale applications.

Mural via France's Instagram

Considering my inspiration for the space was Kelly Wearstler's graffito wallpaper, I knew her graphic line drawings would be perfect! But, would you believe me if I told you that they almost didn't happen? 

Frances went to France for a month and got back the weekend before my Art by Design install. When she got back, she was hit with a bug that took her all the way out of commission. She told me she couldn't make it! But, on the last day...she came through!!!

She took a brief break from her lady parts human anatomy and took a cue from my love of plants to cover my walls with abstract foliage!

This space would not have had the impact it had without her!

To continue the unintended theme of "WOW", Introduce to you, the woman behind the most spectacular floral centerpiece that ever existed, Everbloom Design.

Photo via

I asked Kristin if she would be interested in doing something totally out of the box for Art by Design and before she started she was even able to get "yes" out, she had already sent me several inspirational images from her Pinterest account. 

Kristin's taste level is impeccable so I told her to roll with what she wanted. My only request was that there was an element of the arrangement that cascaded towards my chair. I wanted to to look like it was choosing me!

She delivered! Few people believed me when I told them that the arrangement was actually real. Definitely the icing on my proverbial cake.

Last, but certainly not least, is little angel, Andrea Fenise.

Me and Andrea, captured by Kim Thomas of KPFusion
Her participation was not planned, but was the most integral element of my space. Essentially, my original drapery plan completely fell apart. I couldn't NOT have drapes so I ran out on the last day and found what I needed at our Pottery Barn outlet. Unfortunately, they were over 2 feet short of the length I needed them to be! My initial plan was to by an extra set and use it to lengthen them with hot glue or hem tape. BUT I couldn't be how here with glued drapes!!!

I started to panic but remembered that Andrea is a bomb ass fashion designer and seamstress. I sent her a message on Instagram pleading my case of emergency and she showed up to the building 5 minutes later to pick up the drapes. Theeen, she was back in about 30 minutes and they were completely PERFECT!  Not only were they perfect, she did it free of charge!!! Her support showed be the art of possible and I'm so grateful for her and her brilliance. You can check out her recap of Art by Design and see how she had her hands in more than just my drapes. 

This entire project stretched me beyond myself, but I was stretched into the position of meeting some pretty amazing people that now are some of my favorite creative peers. Please be sure to check out all of their blogs, websites and Instagram accounts and show them some major love!

So that's it! That's Art by Design in a nutshell. It's become the biggest highlight of my career and I couldn't be more grateful.