Good to Know: How to Uncurl a Rug

Happy Sunday guys! It's been a crazy couple weeks, which has kept me away from the blog, but I recently came a cross a tip that was just too good to not share!
So, the rug in our dining area is all kinds of amazing, but over the past couple months, one entire side of the rug began the dreaded curl. It's the side of the table that Davin sits on, so it's the side of the rug that got the most abuse! I probably could've resolved the issue long ago, but let it get progressively worse as I continued to ignore it.

After a somewhat extensive Google search, I came across this video of several tips to uncurl a rug. I almost gave up on this video, because none of the initial tips would help my particular situation, but the second to last tip totally sounded like a winner. And all it involved was a little water, a towel and an iron.

First, you spray the rug with a little water, just enough to dampen it.

Then you lay your towel over the damp spot, ensuring that you're uncurling the rug so that it lays flat.

Then, you take your iron on the medium setting and place it over the damp spot.

I used the steam burst feature on my iron to add additional moisture to that spot of the rug. Since after all, that's the main reason it started to curl anyway. After running the iron over that spot for about 10-15 seconds, you lift up and move on to the next spot.

Depending on how stubborn your curl, you may have to repeat this step another time or two. Mine only needed one pass down the entire side. Here's a quick video of  all the steps in motion.

Now, I must mention that my rug is made from 100% Jute, which is a natural fiber. I would definitely be cautious using this method on a synthetic fiber rug, like polypropylene or olefin, as the heat from the iron could damage or even melt your rug. Be sure to test a small, inconspicuous area of your rug before trying this method.

Fortunately for me, this method worked like a charm!

I hope this little tip is as helpful to guys as it was to me! If you try it out, let me know how it worked for you!