Saturday Styling: Another Twist-Out Tutorial (VIDEO)

Happy Saturday, friends! I'm back with another Saturday Styling post! This go round, it's all about hair! Second only to interiors, my hair is the topic that pretty much runs my life! So many people ask me all the time, how I get my hair to look the way it does, and most of the time, my answer is "I let it do it's thing." But today, I'm giving you all the deets in video form on how I achieve what's become my signature look!

Fun fact: this video is titled "another" twist-out tutorial, because I posted my first twist out tutorial almost FIVE YEARS AGO! Don't judge, cuz it is beyond amateur. 

Disclaimer: This tutorial shows you my Day 1 hair. Most of the amazement comes on days 2-5! I'm thinking of shooting another video on how I maintain my hair once the initial twist out is done. Would that interest you at all? Let me know in the comments!

But without further's the full video! You can also watch it by clicking here!

For details on all of the products I used, just click here!