HamiltonGardner Interiors Giveaway Makeover

Happy Monday peeps! If you're no stranger to me or my Instagram happenings, you're totally familiar with the amazingly awesome weekend blitz makeover that my bestie, Shavonda Gardner, and I gave away last weekend! Although manic at times, we had so much fun and got so much love (and questions) from all of you! Well, today's the day that so many of you have been waiting for. It's REVEAL ALL THOSE SOURCES DAY!!!

But, wait! Before we get into the sources, we have to give you the back story and show you the whole before and after!

So a bit about our winners: Meghan and Ronnie were married just a month before we announced our giveaway back in October. The had put all of their energy into making their house a home, but totally lost steam by the time they got to the master bedroom. So, put together some lost steam and leftover furniture and this is what you got. I present...the before.

Now, with the room cleared...

We knew we had our work cut out for us, but we also knew that this was the perfect set up for a dramatic after! What we didn't know were the "minor" limitations, stipulations and requests that came along with taking on the project. The winners asked that we 1. not include any real plants, because they have cats, and actually want to keep them alive 2. not paint the room any dark saturated color...it's kinda not their thing 3. give them all the storage in the world! No biggie, right?


No plants!?!

No deep saturated colors!?!

Did they not know that they were working with Carmonda, the duo of plant and saturated color queens!?!?!?

So, you know what that meant..once we picked our faces up off the floor, it was GAME. ON.

First things first: the furniture layout. We had to make this space as functional as possible. The original layout was just OK, but we knew it wasn't ideal. They didn't own nightstands. Meghan's dresser was way too small, so she needed more clothing and shoe storage. The furniture on Ronnie's side of the bed didn't serve as functional at all, so we knew it had to go.

We knew one way to increase the function of the space, was to incorporate nightstands and a more substantial dresser. The only way to make since of the space with those additions, was to change the orientation of the bed. 

This, alone, gives the space a whole new look and created a better flow. There's still ample room for new nightstands, Meghan gets a much bigger dresser and Ronnie loses nothing in the process.

Once the layout was decided, we instantly knew that the original ceiling fan had to go! We replaced it with one of the best buys of the room! Although the installation process was much more difficult that it should've been (for several different reasons), I would do it all over again, because it looks that good!

The ceiling fan decision was easy, but we both knew that we had to start the actual design process with the rug. As home accessories buyer, I've seen my fair share of rugs and knew exactly which rug we should use. 

This is the Javari rug by none other than Loloi Rugs. The picture above and of the afters below, simply do this rug zero justice. It's subtle, understated, but amazingly beautiful with lots of color without screaming LOOK AT ME!!! It's the perfect foundation for the room and Loloi, graciously, provided this rug to make this makeover possible!

Once the rug was selected, it was time to select what was probably the most important design element of the room: the paint color! After muuuuuuch deliberation, we finally landed on Benjamin Moore Kentucky Haze AC-16. This beautiful blue is sophisticated, yet soft, and a huge departure from their off white walls.

Once the rug and paint color were selected, all of the other major pieces just fell into place. Shavonda found a bed that she really wanted to use from one of our favorite brands CB2. However, it was a bit more than what we wanted to spend our of the $2,500 that the homeowners gave us. So I set out on a hunt to find the look for less. It's kinda what I'm good at (c; Ultimately, I found this guy! He was a perfect match for an even more perfect price!

The nightstands were an even luckier find. I stumbled across them on a random trip to our Pottery Barn Outlet. I snapped a pic and sent it to Shavonda and she immediately text back, YES!!!

They had all furniture on sale with an additional 40% off the outlet price! Score! They were the perfect scale for the queen sized bed and the super deep drawer provided ample storage.

Continuing the theme of function, Shavonda and I truly believe that every bedroom needs some type of seating. Everyone should have a place to sit in their bedroom, besides the bed! We really wanted to put a chair in the space, but the space just didn't allow for it. On the same shopping trip where I found the nightstands, I found the very masculine leather bench. A local shop, called Nadeau, is typically known for it's endless casegood options, but on this trip, they had some fun seating options; one I couldn't dare pass up.

So, at this point, a lot of "new" was coming in, but we knew that that our vintage loving homeowners were not going to be happy if we didn't incorporate some into this master. 
We hit several vintage and antique shops, but never found anything that fit the bill or was in good enough condition. We had to get really creative about finding this really important element of the room. We didn't have the time to keep driving all around the city, hoping to find something. We needed a one stop shop with more options. Enter Facebook Marketplace.

Hours later, we had a dresser in the back of my truck!

It gave the room a sense of warmth, especially the way the wood played with the new paint color. And there's no doubt that those NINE new drawers answered all of Meghan's storage dreams!

And speaking of storage, if you look really close at the at the picture below, you'll see that we added some under-the-bed storage for all of Meghan's shoes! These bins were perfect and easily fit the bill.

So, now you've got the back story on this room's evolution; especially pertaining to the layout change-up, the rug, storage additions and the new ceiling fan, be sure to head over to Shavonda's blog to capture anything you think I've missed!

But before I send you away, I want to make sure I give my own special thanks to lots of people that helped make this happen:

1. Shavonda Gardner for being so awesome and wanting to even do this with me.
2. Meghan and Ronnie for being so gracious while we invaded their home for three days.
3. My best friend, Dawn, for watching Davin for me after I forgot that Marcus was going out of town for work on a Sunday morning.
4. My coworker, Dorothy, for picking Davin up from school when the reveal ran a little longer than we thought.
5. One of our amazing followers, Yvette Jones, for not only being available to help us with the install, but jumping in and being everything we needed her to be, even when we didn't know we need it.
6. All of you for cheering us on the entire way!

I'm forever grateful.