Exiting 2017 with an Entry Review (and a THANK YOU)

2017 is coming to a close in less than 12 hours! I can't let this year end without detailing my most talked about project of the year! Our entry!

It all started with a need of "more"! Despite being "okay", our little entry was in desperate need of some WOW! I knew that the space could be so much more than just okay!

But let's go back, shall we? Here's a photographic review of the evolution of our entry way, starting from the beginning (the day we moved in).

A couple months after moving in, I gave the front door a little update with some black paint!

About a week later, the baby blue walls went white and the dingy beige trim went black.

I added our framed construction drawings and started my search for a rug.

Next was the banishment of the boob light.

I created a new fixture following Jenny Komenda's tutorial from a couple years ago.

The kid loved it!

In came the (first) rug. It was later replaced with a second option.

So...about a year later is when I wanted more. Mainly because I stumbled across Kelly Wearstler's Graffito wallpaper

I was instantly in love, yet heartbroken, because...have you seen the price of that wallpaper!?!? Yeah, not happening in my lifetime. But, it got my wheels spinning! I'm pretty decent with a paint brush...why can't I create my own Graffito?

I grabbed the same black paint that I used on the door and trim and a little artist's brush and got to work...starting with the ceiling, then bleeding down the walls.

After about 3 hours, I was done!

And our print right back up!

I was in love!!! It was everything I could've imagined! And you guys loved it too!

A few months later, I fell even more in love after a few small changes!

This space truly ignited a movement within me and my design business overall! It's given me a new love for design and now gives me new insight when looking at new spaces! Hand painting this space with my own hands did more than just elevate our entry, it elevated my love of design!

Thank you all for being some of the most amazing cheerleaders during this entire year! It's been that much more amazing to be able share it all with each of you!

Here's to an even better 2018!