Christmas at Nubi House

Somehow, I managed to miss my Thanksgiving post (don't Thanksgiving table will be my Christmas table...and more on that later!), but there was no way I was going to miss sharing our Christmas decor with you guys!

I kept the decor a little light this time, just barely sprinkling that holiday cheer around our home. I managed to get a wreath on our front door, spruce up our mantle and, of course, deck out our tree! The color scheme is one I live by (and have had on repeat for the past 3 holidays): black, white, gold/brass and silver. I can't get away from it! First of all, it's classic and will never feel dated. Secondly, its a seamless continuation of our normal, non-holiday decor. Last, but not least, I'm not breaking the bank every season having to totally replace all of my decorations! I may add a new ornament or two, but that's generally it.

But, I know you all came for the pretty pictures, so I'll just get to it! Welcome to Nubi House at Christmas!

Juju hat - Hoardaculture, Brass Deer - Vintage, Stockings - DIY

Ornaments - Hobby Lobby, Marble Wrapping Paper - Target, Dot Wrapping Paper - Target

Merry Christmas, peeps! I wish you all a wonderful and joy-filled holiday season!