Kitchen Plans

Hi guys! Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! First of all, thank you so much for all of the love on our little laundry closet makeover! That little refresh gave me the boost of energy I needed to tackle our lack luster galley kitchen.

We've been in this home for almost 18 months, but I had a vision for this kitchen on our very first walk through. Of course, my vision included new cabinets, new counters, an awesome back-splash and new appliances. Unfortunately, we're just not ready to pull the trigger on all of those high-ticket items.

BUT...I could not go another day being bored to death by this ho-hum-ness.

Don't get me wrong, our kitchen has great bones and considering its simple galley layout, it functions really well. But as much as I love their walnut finish, our little chincy plywood cabinets were really dragging down the mood of the space.

The not-so brass hardware and mismatch appliances (stainless steel refrigerator, white dishwasher, black oven and cook-top) weren't helping either.

I've always known that we'd have two-tone cabinets with light uppers and dark lowers. Colors were always to be determined but it was a definite in regards to future plans. So, when I decided to give the space a mini makeover, to keep costs down, I went with what I had on hand: black and white.

It's the most classic of color combos and we've seen it in kitchens all over the world thanks to Houzz and Pinterest!

So, last week, I broke out the primer (Kilz) and white paint (Behr Premium Plus Ultra Stain-blocking Paint & Primer in One) got to work on the upper cabinets.

I gave a full rundown on my instastories of the painting process of the doors. I prepped them by filling the existing hardware holes with dowel pieces and wood glue. Sanded everything down, nice and smooth. Filled any crevices with wood putty and sanded again. Primed them with Kilz spray primer. Then, gave them two coats of white paint!

And that's basically where things stand today! I'm currently drowning in hardware options, so I figured I'd share them all with you guys to see what you think!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

You may have noticed a theme here. Yes, I'm going with brass. Initially, I was concerned with all of the other finishes that were going on in the space, but then realized that the original hardware was brass and that eventually, those wouldn't be a concern. One day, our sink will be a white and single basin, the faucet will be black, the dishwasher will either be matte black or stainless steel and the light fixtures will have either a black or brass finish to match what's hanging above the dining table. In short, I'm buying now with later in mind...even though later's selections haven't been finalized.

So what do you think? Which knob is your favorite! Let me know ASAP, because it's only been a day, but we can't live without hardware too much longer!

To be continued...