Saturday Styling: Sprucing Up Our Mantel

Happy Saturday, peeps! We made it through another week and to another edition of Saturday Styling!
This week, I decided to give our mantle a slight refresh to wake up the room. Since this area is one of the main focal points of the room, I try to give it some attention pretty often.

I started out by clearing everything out and starting with a blank slate.

I started out with my central piece, this round, brass mirror from Target.

To balance out the round shape, I added a few small pieces of abstract art in contrasting frames.

Now that I had round and squared elements, I needed to add an organic shape to balance things out. 

To pick up on the brass finish of the mirror, I added some vintage candlesticks to the mantle for a repeating element.

To finish things off, just a few small, faux succulents were added in those negative spaces to give the entire look some interest.

Lastly, I topped one side of the hearth with one of my plants. And this was perfect time to bring in my new leather, Moroccon poufs that I ordered from this shop on Amazon. They shipped without any filling so I used some old packaging materials from our new sectional to stuff them. I love what they add to the entire look!

I'm now off to get started on my 4 days of relaxation! Hope you guys have an amazing holiday weekend!