Saturday Styling: Coffee Table

Happy Saturday peeps! Its time for another edition of Saturday Styling! This time, I'm tackling our coffee table.

Since the mantle got a little attention last week, I quickly moved on to our coffee table to do the same. I cleared everything away, give it a good wipe down to clear away the dust, water rings and chip crumbs to start with a fresh blank slate.

Every coffee table that I style, regardless of shape or size, gets a tray. Trays can not only make a decorative statement, but are great for corralling all the small coffee table necessities that if not grouped together can look like a bunch of clutter.

To round out the style foundation, I brought in a stack of coffee table books and a large ceramic bowl.

Since our coffee table is square, I like to use what's called the rule of 3's when it comes to styling it. The rule of threes say that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings. So, instead of putting something in all four corners of the table, I went with 3 points to break up the square and give the eye somewhere to dance. The oval tray, the rectangle books and the round bowl also do the trick.

Now, it's time for the pretties. This brass pineapple holds a few remotes and our playing cards. It's a staple on our coffee table, no matter how I restyle it.

Candles and coasters are are also a staple...and total necessities. For a bit of quirk and personality: my horn handle calligraphy brush.

And no styling job is complete without some sign of life. Whether its fresh flowers, cut branches or a potted plant, no coffee table surface is complete without it.

Here's a list of sources if you're interested in any of the items I used:

Tray: on sale here
Bowl: similar here
Bead Garland: similar here
Brass Pineapple: similar here
Agate coasters: similar here
Head Planter: love these
Horn Brush: similar here

So, how are you guys liking these styling posts? Helpful at all? Let me know below!