Saturday Styling: Our Dining Table with Somi Decor

Hey guys! I thought I've been thinking of content for the blog a lot lately and one thing that seems to come up repeatedly is a styling series. It's what I spend most of my time doing, not only at home, but also in my job as an environmental designer. I feel like I have a pretty hefty amount of info tucked away in my back pocket, so who better to share it with than my most favorite people!?! And while we're at it, let's call it Saturday Styling.

Our first edition is on something that I raaaaarely do...setting a table. I think I've set my own personal dining table 4 times in the 8 years that I've ever owned a dining table. So yeah, pretty rare. But I was totally inspired by a set of napkins that I was able to snag at the grand opening of the Somi Decor shop a couple weeks ago. Once home after the event, I immediately got to work with whatever I could find around my home.

To kick things off, I started by center foundation with just a simple black scarf. I don't own any table cloths or runners but a scarf, folded in half, does the trick. The same goes for scrap fabric you may have on hand.

My actual centerpiece was a brass taper candle holder that I found at a local Bargain Hunt, but is still available on clearance from Target.

On it's own, the candle holder was a little lacking as a centerpieces, so I began to build around it with one of my favorite home elements, plants!

My jade plant and a terracotta pot of succulents added perfect touch.

I even added a few smaller plants to round things out with some variety and interest.

So, if this were for an actual party, I'd be inviting a few friends that are avid wine drinkers. This means a decanter was necessary for the tablescape. My husband found this one while out on one of his regular trips to Bargin Hunt and sent me a pic of it asking if it was something I'd want. Black, brass and walnut...he knows me well.

Now on the the actual place settings. We have an oval dining table, so chargers make for a much better look than placemats. The wooden chargers that I used are actualy another find by the hubs.

Initially, the wood on wood look with the table and the charger seemed a bit much, but I knew things would come together with the rest of the elements I brought in.

So after the charger, comes the dinner plate. A white dinner plate. I am a major advocate for simple white dinner plates. You can always vary the shape or style, but white plates are the best backdrop for any meal.

Following the dinner plates were my Somi Decor napkins. I just love the colors and pattern. They also bring in that ethnic/cultural vibe that I try to inject in every space in our home. Just a simple fold and central placement on the dinner plate was all they needed.

As I raded our kitchen for one of the final layers, I found these walnut bowls that I picked up from a vintage store a couple years ago.

They were perfect for balancing the wooden chargers and the table top. The repetition of the three elements makes it all seem intentional.

Getting down to the final pieces: glassware and flatware. 

I brought in some simple stemware for my wine drinkers. They are accompanied by a stemless glass that could be great for water. My flatware bring in the brass element that I just can't live without.

To finish things off, a personal touch for each guest is necessary.

I placed a ceramic alphabet ball with each guest's first initial inside of the walnut bowl. These act as a great placecard if you're into seating arrangements.

And just before my imaginary guests arrive, I light the candles and pour myself a well deserved drink.