The Great Pool Table Debate!!!

So, if you didn't know already know, we bought a house! And fortunately for us, it came with a pretty awesome pool table!

Well, in the weeks leading up to closing, there were more than a few conversations had about the pool able....will it stay or will it go? Well, we ended up deciding that we'd keep it through the summer and then sell it to get an awesome dining table to bring home in time for Thanksgiving. Or. At. Least. That's. What. I. Thought.

Nooowww, hubs is claiming that we are not "dining table people" and that we don't even hang out with people who are "dining table people". He likes to point out that our closest friends that we visit almost weekly have a designated dining room and dining table that they never use. We've actually never sat at the two years we've known them. So I get his point there. BUT! The interior designer in me won't let my dining table dreams die! This is all I can think about!

Considering our dining space is adjoined to the living space, I really feel as if we'd put it to good use! But, if I just so happen to loose this battle, we do have an eat-in area in the kitchen.

listing photo

It's not huge, but it's doable. We could still seat about six people in opposed to being able to seat up to 10 in the dining area. What do you guys think? Should I fight for my informal "formal" dining area? Or just call the pool table a win and let it go? I'd love to hear what you think!