My #smallThanksgivings Table Setting

Today is the day and my table is set. What do you think?

The kiddo is already off to granny's for Thanksgiving, so I set the table for just the two of us. I'm a little disappointed that it won't be a dinner for three, but it actually worked out very well for my table setting. This little table of mine, with it's 36" diameter top, wouldn't hold a third setting without throwing things off. Yes, I could have just removed the runner and rotated things a bit, but I think it's the runner, in all of it's velvety goodness, that makes the table as stunning as it is!

How about we break it all down now?

I started with a canvas drop cloth as the base. I then folded up a remnant of velvet fabric as the runner. I had both on hand already, so I was off to a good start.

I created a flower arrangement out of a dozen roses that I got from our grocery store for $9. The arrangement was in need of a few more flowers, so I just threw in one of the dried pods from my last DIY flower arrangement and called it done. It's round, petite stature is perfect for the center of the table.

To give the centerpiece some height, I added three extra tall taper candles (less than $3 at Hobby Lobby) to some brass candlesticks.

Next up were these gold faux bois chargers that I got from Target last year...adding $0 to my tally.

I set out on a hunt for black rimmed plates and found these for $2.50 each at Target. I only needed two, so I was only out of $5.

Now, we have the stars of the table. These appetizer plates are so pretty in person. I bought the set of for for $20, and they are worth every penny.

The final step was to add all the trimmings. My DIY napkins, which were just one yard of fabric that I got from Hobby Lobby for less than $5, two gold honeycomb glasses, two wine glasses and the silverware, all of which I had on hand.

I set out to create a beautiful tablescape on a budget and I somewhat succeeded. It's beautiful, but total money spent on my table was a little less than $45. That's not cheap, considering I only bought two dinner plates, 4 appetizer plates, a yard of fabric, three candles and a dozen roses. Well, now that it's all listed out, I don't feel so bad. Looking at this beauty, I'd say its definitely worth $45.

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