Reader Question: Gray & Yellow Bedding

Happy Friday! Hope you guys have had a great week! Mine was a little all over the place, so writing and prepping this post helped to bring about some focus.

I got a question from a young lady in my Facebook inbox with the following photo and question:


I ordered this comforter set last night from Finger Hut. What color could I accessorize this with?

Since the question came from someone who's not quite out of high school, I created a mood board that could be used for not only teens, but any young woman coming into her own.

Bedding is a great starting point when designing a room. And, although, I'm not one who purchases or specifies the "bed in a bag", I, definitely, appreciate their convenience! They take away the "over-thinking" that can come with going the a la cart route and choosing separates. 

The graphic pattern and bold color of the bedding above led me to select pieces that contrasted by being understated and clean-lined. The bed would be the star of the show with every other piece as supporting cast members.
Simple mid century nightstands with colorful accessories are a great start.

rug / settee / yellow pillow / amour pillow / leather pouf / artwork

Add a shaggy area rug to ground the space and add some texture. Bring in a petite settee for additional seating and graphic accessories like art and throw pillows. The gray and yellow, although bright, can tend to be quite cold and flat. The leather pouf adds just enough warmth to keep things balanced.

desk / chair / lamp / gold letter organizer / desk accessories / yellow tray

Lastly, get organized and add tons of function with the right desk and accessories. Mix metals and finishes for a more collected look. Add life to the space with fresh flowers or an indoor plant.

So, whether you're still in high school or at the start of your career, you can make this room work for you!

Jada, I hope this helps!