Personal Style Files: Flats

Working in retail has totally changed my personal style. Well, maybe not totally, but it has me considering one part of my body that didn't get much thought before. My FEET!!!!

Standing/walking/lifting/moving for 8 hours a day can really make you evaluate what's really important in life: pretty...or comfort.

Well, if you know me, there was no way that I was giving up the pretty. So, alas, my hunt for pretty AND comfortable shoes began. First off all, I'm not a fan of the rounded toe, ballerina flat, so the pointed toe was a must. Also, I needed a few pair in finishes that would span the extent of my wardrobe. And since they already had to be flat, they in no way could be boring. (Basic black = no go!) So, I was looking for special details or bold colors to elevate the shoe a little beyond the monotonous. I'm pretty proud of myself for coming up with these pretties!

Not only did I find a great selection that I thought would be comfortable and WAY beyond basic, they are all under $100!!!

1. I saw these on the Old Navy site a couple weeks ago, and almost strangled myself a few days later, because they had all sold out! Well, on a little trip to Nashville, my besties and I stopped inside an Old Navy store inside of the Opry Mills malls and they had a full stock of them! Except, of course, in my size! My heart sank...once again...but, this time, I thought I'd test my luck. I asked a really nice sales person if they, by chance, had any more tucked away in the stock room or a dark corner. She politely asked for my size and said she would check. Being a size 10, I never expect any store to have my size. But by the grace of God, she came back with a size 10 in hand and said that her manager had crawled on her hands and knees to get to a back corner where she found them! Yay!!!! They are super comfortable, are the perfect shade of lipstick red and were only $25! Total SCORE!!!

2. I found these on a little site that I like to check periodically, called AliExpress. Yes, they are what some would call a "knock off" of the Valentino RockStud Flats, but let me give you my little spill on "knock offs". I currently can not, and probably will never pay $995 for a pair of shoes. I like them a lot, but not that much...not even if I had it to pay! Plus, stores like Forever21 and Charlotte Russe knock off designers ALL THE TIME! I'd much rather just pay my $45 and have the look. So, I don't feel bad. Call me wrong, but I don't care.
Sorry, not sorry. 
I've never ordered from this site before, but know people that have who have had great things to say about it, so these are currently on order for me. I'll let you know about my experience and the quality of the shoes once they arrive.

3. I already have a great pair of calf hair leopard flats that I ordered from Madewell, and I LOVE THEM!!! They are my favorites and the most comfortable flats I own! The thing is, I've had them about a year and they are taking on that "seen better days" look. It looks like the leopard print has completely rubbed off the toe and heel of each shoe, leaving the white patches. Not cute boo boo.
So, I think it's best to just order another pair and I wanted to give these from Steve Madden a try. Plus, at $80, they're $20 less than the Madewell pair. Here's hoping they fit!

4. I'm obsessed with gold at the moment and these babies just feed into my obsession. I just got them in and they are just as gorgeous in person! I paid $40 for mine, but they are currently on sale for $32! Go snap up a pair for yourself!

5. I'm telling ya, Old Navy strikes again! These faux snakeskin flats completely fit the bill for basic, but updated. And at only $17, I couldn't loose!

So, are you guys as proud of me as I am of myself? You should be! Lol! Are you having to consider cute vs. comfort too? Which did you choose?