The Hunt for the Perfect Fabric

So, yesterday, I showed a little sneak peek of an upcoming (and back breaking) project.

Before I get on to telling you what this is for, I just had to share my inspiration behind the entire scheme.

I was on the hunt for a black and white, geometric patterned fabric with a graffiti aesthetic and came across this Domesticate fabric on Spoonflower.

Freestyle in black

I LOVE the graphic, freestyle pattern. I just think I was looking for something that had more of a balance between the black and the white. Not to mention that the price was a total deterrent. Honestly, $17.50/yd. isn't bad, but I could never see myself paying that price for fabric. It's just not in me.

After the sticker shock, I decided to look for some do-it-yourself inspiration. Leave it to two of my favorite bloggers to come through for me. Danika of Gorgeous Shiny Things doesn't have a dry paint brush in her house. This girl just doesn't rest! She transformed a fabulous set of drapes with the help of a little paint.

The geometric pattern was speaking to my soul!

Don't you just love it?

But, then, I began to think about how different my application was going to be from the drapes. What I loved most about Danika's geo print was the way it looked when the drapes were gathered. There'd be no gathering in my project.

Well, then, I came across another painted drapery project, this one was rock out by my blog-bestie, Shavonda, over at A Home Full of Color.

The circles were perfect!

I knew that with a little modification that this was exactly the look I was looking for!

I was gifted with a bolt of 8 yards of white cotton canvas fabric by my boss (who used to manage a fabric store!) and I immediately got to work.

I'm smiling in this photo, but painting 8 yards of fabric is not a stroll down the beach. Collectively, it took me about 12 hours to free-hand every single circle. My shoulder and neck still hate me for it.

But, once done, I was one happy camper.

And, now, to kill all the anticipation...

Yeah. This one's a doosie. If you don't hear from me for another week, you know where I'll be.