Making Moves to Settle

We've been doing some research and recently found out that we're zoned for an excellent elementary school, because, yes, our little man will be a Kindergartner this fall! The great school news relieved us of the tremendous amount of pressure that was building with the thought of having to move this summer to get Davin into a great school. So, now, our apartment is no longer a little temporary living situation. We're buckling down and settling in. 

We moved in knowing that we wouldn't be in this apartment forever, but I hadn't realized that I had taken on that mentality when it came to how we lived. This is a 1200 square foot apartment and we are in no way, using it to it's full potential. So, its time to throw some things out, move some things around, build some things up and get to living a real life.

Did you see this post on my Instagram feed?

It was a post about using the I.O. Metro Room Planner, but, as you can see, I've already got some changes on the brain for the living/dining area. Here's a closer look. 
I'm looking to change things up as much as possible (without throwing my back out), and without breaking the bank...for now. The key players will remain: sofa (sans chaise), coffee table and the newly inserted credenza as media stand; but a few new pieces will be brought in to really change the feel of this room. Starting with these babies...

I saw these beauties on Craigslist, of all places, and contacted the seller immediately. Two days later, they were in my living room.

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about them and where I hope to take our newly settled-in living room! Enjoy the rest of your Monday!