Uuuhmmm...Happy New Year?

Yes. It is January 13th and I am wishing each and every one of you a very happy new year.

I've been a very happy employee of I.O. Metro for over a month now (and totally loving it), and I'm finally getting into a routine that I and my family can live with. I grocery shop and clean on my off days. I try to prepare the next day's dinner the night before. I take Davin to school and Hubs picks him up and warms up dinner. We alternate on who helps the kiddo with his homework. And I even make it to bed by around 11:30 every night (which is awesome considering I never made it to bed before 1 am prior to working).

And now that my life is so planned out and based around work, the moments I actually have with my family are beyond valuable. I'm grateful on the days that I make it home in time to actually eat my dinner with them. Little things like being asked by the hubs to watch a movie on a week night mean so much more to me than they ever have. I get excited when I see my work schedule and find that one of my off days falls on a weekend so I can actually see my family during daylight hours.

So, of course, with these moments being so precious, it's been reeeeaaaallllly hard trying to find the time to craft, build, decorate or DIY anything in my house. Which, therefore, leaves me with nearly nothing to blog about. And if I did have projects or something to blog about, photographing it during daylight hours is IMPOSSIBLE! I leave home at the crack of dawn and get home in the black of night! And, unfortunately, my photography skills aren't substantial enough to compensate for it.

But don't worry. This blog will not turn into my place to vent about not being able to blog. I'll be back in the groove of things sooner than you think. I really appreciate you guys and your patience with me as I've taken this time to adjust to life as I now know it. I heart you so much!