My very 1st Haul! way of H&M

I've always been a huge fan of H&M for their decent quality, high style and low cost clothing, but have always had to love it from afar since there isn't a brick-n-mortar location anywhere near me. I could not have been happier when they started their E-commerce site last fall and just recently got to take advantage of it (along with their winter clearance sale)!

My night was made when I got home for work last night and saw this waiting for me on the sofa!

And here's what I pulled out of that happy bag:

I hope you didn't think I was exaggerating when I said HAUL!

Here it all is in detail with links and the prices that I paid for each item. The sale is no longer, but a few of the items are still on clearance! Here we go!

Black Jersey Top - $4.95

Bright Pink Fine Knit Cardigan - $7.45

Chiffon Blouse - $5

Dark Gray Boyfriend Jeans - $7.60

Gray Fine Knit Cardigan - $7.45

Light Gray Fine Knit Sweater - $7.45

Navy Jersey Blazer - $17.45

Khaki Green Chinos - $14.95

Knit Sweater - $12.45

Dark Purple Skinny Low Jeans - $7.50

Black Coated Superstrech Treggings - $5

Teal Jersey Dress - $8.95
That's 1 blazer, 1 dress, 2 cardigans, 2 sweaters, 1 blouse, 1 top, and 4 pairs of pants! My total cost: $122.52 including tax and shipping!!!

Proud moment.