Changing my Heifer Status

A couple days ago, one of my besties called to express her extreme excitement for Nashville's leg of the Color Run. Have you heard of it?

Of course, she asked me to join her and I, absolutely, said yes! Who wants to miss out on that party? Well, then she goes and challenges me to RUN the whole 5k!!! Say what now girl?!? I had not worked out (or done anything remotely athletic) in over 5 months; and she was talking about running!!! I hate running! Even when I was in shape, I hated running! The Color Run is supposed to be fun...running is not fun. It, actually, makes me sad. Boohoo sad.

Her response to my breakdown...

So, after I got over myself the shock of having to run, this heifer got up at 5:40 this morning and went to the gym.

And now that I have a concrete goal to reach (run a 5K by March 29th), I vowed to get up every morning (Monday through Friday) and take my out-of-shape-heifer-a$$ to the gym. And not only that, I'm picking up a few healthier eating habits as I go. I've got back fat to lose, a gut to flatten and a butt to lift, so pleeeeease say a prayer for me and wish me luck!

By March 29th, I will be no one's heifer.