Hamilton Christmas 2013 (Part One?)

Happy Hump Day loves!

Today's my first off day from the new job and although I'm completely in love with being a part of the workforce again, the new schedule is going to be a bit of a challenge to nail down. Now that I'm in the world of retail, I'm away from home from 8:30 am til 7:30 pm. By the time I get home, it's dark out and I'm completely worn out...making taking photos technically impossible and sitting down at the computer to type up a post almost physically impossible. But, I'm not making excuses or complaining at all. I promise it's I am going to get better. Just wanted to let you guys know why it's Wednesday and I'm just now getting a post up.

So, on the point of the post. I GOT MY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS UP!

For the most part, I stuck with my planned black and white scheme, but once things were up, I decided to throw in a little of last year's green and navy blue, and...I love it!

I still have a few details to add, but I wanted to show you guys what I was up to! Once those little details are complete, I'll be back with a few wide shots of our space.

How's holiday decorating going for you guys? Are you done? I'd love to see!