Small Thanksgivings

As an apartment dweller, I'm always longing for more living space. But no time like around the holidays. I crave a home with a huge open floor plan where I can have my 10ft dining table for hosting all of our imaginary friends for cocktails parties and lavish dinners. But for now, I must be grateful for what I have.

It is a very tiny space, but I appreciate it for being the place that my tiny family and I gather everyday for dinner. It's the tiny space where the hubs and I talk and decompress from our day and it's where Davin comes up with some of his best material. [That kid keeps us laughing, I tell you] This tiny space is all I have to work with...and this year, I'm going to work with it.

Now, I won't be hosting Thanksgiving for our entire family. It's not logistically possible. But, one day, maybe the day before, I plan to have a special fancy dinner just for the three of us. I will play chef, set the table and dress us all up for an evening of small Thanksgivings.

I'm on the hunt today for a glam table setting on a thrifter's budget. My inspiration?

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