My Weekend of (Almost) No Photos

Happy Monday, you guys! How was your weekend? I have to say, mine was so great, that I have almost no photos of all the action. I was too busy living and loving that picking up my phone to snap photos was a rare occurrence. I did, however, manage to snap a few so I'm going to share the blurry goodness with you today!
Well, all the fun began on Friday, when my very BEST friend drove in from Chattanooga with her two boys. That night was pretty chill, although, it's always a party when she comes to visit. Saturday morning, after everyone devoured their breakfast, the bestie and I headed out to my favorite thrift store.
She didn't have any luck scoring anything, but I stumbled across some really cool original pieces of art. Can't wait to show those to you later this week.
After an unsuccessful thrifting trip, the entire group (me, hubs, Davin, Bestie, Bestie's boyfriend and Besties two boys) headed to the movies to catch a couple matinées. The kids headed off to see the animated movie, Free Birds. Not sure of how good it was, my kiddo decided that it was his nap time. Yup, slept through the whole thing. The adults got to see the long awaited (14 years!!!) Best Man sequel, Best Man Holiday.
I had high hopes going in, but I'm one that is always skeptical of sequels and remakes. Gladly, this movie did not disappoint! Can I say, BEST movie I've seen all year!?! As expected, we all laughed hysterically, but what we didn't expect was all of tears!!! Even the hubs had to swallow to keep down the lumps in his throat. OMG, our emotions were all over the place, but I can't express enough how good this movie was. As soon as it ended, we all wanted to see it again and even promised to by the DVD/Blu-ray disc set as soon at it's available. Just like the original, Best Man Holiday is a must for the home movie collection.
Right after the movies, hubs and I had to rush home to get ready for the Memphis Urban League RED Fundraising Gala.
It was a great opportunity for mixing and mingling, but all we wanted to do was get back to our house guests. (Doesn't his look say it all?)
We snuck out of the gala and headed straight for Dbo's (our favorite wing spot) for a late night meal!
On Sunday, the boys got to take advantage of the 70 degree weather and headed outdoors to get dirty for a couple hours. Bestie and I made our way back to Dbo's for more wings (told you it was our favorite wing spot) and spent most of the day in front of the TV with our football loving guys.
Gotta love her!
So, sorry for blur-tastic photos, but there's nothing like spending time with the people that make you put aside your usual neurotic photographic tendencies.