Master Bedroom Update: Window Treatment

I'm back with another master bedroom update. Last time, I tackled the nightstand hardware and today, I'm moving up to the window.
Before all of the fall prep, the window was treated like this.

Not bad. But, since I used one of the panels to make over the headboard, I had to figure out a new treatment. I'm really in love with the colors in the panel (now headboard fabric), which is from the Target Threshold line; so, I headed back to Target to see what they had in my color scheme that could be a potential candidate for coordination. Luckily, I happened upon this.

Thank you, Threshold, for keeping all of your colors consistent throughout each line of products! The teal is a perfect match and the lattice pattern is a makes a great partner to the floral pattern of the headboard. And at $19.99, it was a pretty great deal for almost 2.5 yards of fabric.

I got it home (as let it sit for about a week) and then immediately got to work! Here's my version of a faux FAKE Roman Shade.

I measured the width of the window and added a couple inches to each side. I cut out my fabric and used Stich Witchery to hem each side.

I, then, took my newly hemmed rectangle and centered it about 4 inches above the window aaand...

Yes, stapled! But, I had two really good reasons. Reason #1. I didn't have any other supplies that are necessary to a typical DIY Roman shade. Reason #2. I highly doubt that this fabric will be a Roman Shade forever, so I didn't want to do anything to alter or damage the fabric any more than I already had. Reason #3. We never open or close the blinds in this window, so a truly decorative treatment was an awesome way to go. So, I gave it about five or six good staples across the top.

Once my rectangular flap was secured over the window, I got ready to work in the folds.

I measure 18" down one side of my rectangle, and make a tiny mark in the fabric.

Then, I made a mark at 12" on both the fabric and the wall.

I pushed the 18" mark up to the 12" mark to create a fold and then put in a couple staples.

You let the fabric go and you have yourself a fold.

Added a pair of drapes so no one would know the difference, and wah lah!

So what do you guys think? Effective, right? Would you try the "fake" method, or would you want something a bit more permanent/operative? Do tell!