Dorm Style: Seating

Yes, dorm living is a temporary arrangement; but, if you're going to be spending money, spend it on investments that will last you the long hall. Keep this in mind when shopping for new seating.
So, the typical dorm room comes with a standard desk chair. When I was in college,
mine looked something like this

Yeah. Not that great.

I would suggest tucking that chair away under your, now, elevated bed and hunt for a new one. But, before you do, keep in mind that:

1. Besides your bed, it may be the only other place in your room to, the new chair will have to have multiple functions, such as a desk chair, vanity chair, guest chair, etc.

2. Since you're going to be shelling out a few coins, get something that's going to last you at least until graduation. Think classic shape and well-built construction.

3. For comfort, arms are great, but not always necessary. It's the seat height that you should focus on. Keep it around 18 inches and you should be good.

I selected two slipper chairs for my dorm style mood boards, but here are a few more options for you.
Oh, the Eiffel chair...It's a classic chair that will never go out of style! Think of it as the beginning of your dining chair set.

I love the Ghost chair! It would look great just about anywhere. Imagine it tucked off in
a corner of your bedroom, along with a little side table. Perfect for a little reading
corner or a place to sit and put on  your shoes.

Talk about personality! Not only would this chair wake up any dorm room, just think of what a pair could do to a living room!

Seriously! The world is your oyster when it comes to options. Don't settle for the boring
when you can have so much more!


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