Dorm Style: Bedding

I chose bedding as my starting point for the above designs. It's  the element that's critical
to making small spaces, like dorm rooms, comfy and stylish. In most cases, your bed won't be
just for sleeping. It's bound to be an impromptu sofa for friends or even a lazy homework
area for when you just can't make it to your desk. You'll want to be sure that you have
several layers, not just for those not-so-controlled temperatures that a dorm can have,
but, also, for protecting your sleeping space from all the creepy environmental things that
can make you sick. So when picking out bedding, you should grab the following:
Mattress pad/cover
Flat & fitted sheet
Euro pillow(s)
Standard sleeping pillow(s)
Throw pillow(s)
Throw blanket

I love how sites, like West Elm, help the not-so-design-inclined how to put it all together.

It's also good to grab a set of risers to raise the height of your bed, which is great for adding extra storage underneath. That space is great for stashing away your out of season clothes or the overflow of your extensive shoe collection.

 Make your bed even more like home by adding a headboard. You can easily come up with one to DIY, whether it's upholstered, made from a poster board, a wall decal or maybe even an extra large piece of art. The options are limitless.

Your bed is quite possibly, the most important destination of your college life; (second,
only to the lecture hall/classroom) so, you need to make sure that you do
EVERYTHING possible to make it your haven and home.


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