A Teal Sofa...or 3

I had a friend tag me to this photo on Instagram the other day and asked for my thoughts.

Of course I told her I that I thought the vintage beauty was FAB, and even gave a few color suggestions for throw pillows and décor. Luckily, she snagged it right up (for $30 btw!)

Her super score inspired me so much that I had an urge to put together a few
looks with a teal sofa...or three.

Here's look one: Teal, Navy & Orange

Here's look 2: Teal, Navy & Pink

Here's look 3: Teal, Navy & Yellow

I kept the teal and navy as a base and just changed up the accent color. I, also, made sure to incorporate the color black into the space. Whether it's a pillow, a throw blanket or wall art, every room just feels a bit more finished when you add in a little black.

So what do you guys think? Would you have scooped up that teal sofa at your local thrift shop? Would you buy a brand new one, like the ones above? I sure would!