Organization: A Not-So-Quick Closet Makeover

This past weekend, I took the liberty of reorganizing our master closet. Of course, it would take me until today to get a post up about it. Before, it was crammed, cluttered and getting on my F-ing nerves!!!!!!

We just weren't utilizing the space properly. Someone could NEVER put his shoes back in their boxes or put things on their proper hangers or in its proper space. I, on the other hand, had my own set of problems. Besides the fact that a lot of my shoes didn't have boxes and, therefore, had to be stacked on top of each other at the bottom of the closet, I had too much $#!+ and I couldn't decide if I wanted to organize my side by outfit or item or color, so I did all three!

So, I cleared everything out to start over with a clean slate...and broken supports.

This side used to belong to the hubs, but I realized that there was more space above the shelf than on the other side...great for my millions of shoe boxes. However, it was in desperate need of a lower hanging level, so I had to get creative...your girl had a budget of $10 for this redo.

We already had an extra shower tension rod lying around and I grabbed 4 scrap pieces of wood left over from my DIY coffee table. Now, all I needed was some type of plank that extended from the wall to attach the rod to. So I went to Home Depot and picked up one of these melamine shelves from their closet organizing section for $8 (This one has an 10" depth, and it works just fine. But, I wish I had gotten one with a 12" depth, just for aesthetic reasons). While there, I also grabbed a set of plastic rod supports for $2. A whole $10 blown!

First, I glued and screwed the wood pieces to both sides of the melamine shelf. Then, after making sure my plank was perfectly vertical, I drilled screws through the wood planks and into the wall (for a total 16 screws...this thing isn't going anywhere). All there was left to do, then, was screw on the rod supports and hang the rod (I ended up needing only half of the rod).

Before bringing everything back in, I knew I had some purging to do.
(I got rid of 13 pair of shoes and a garbage bag filled with clothes. So proud of myself!)

It was at this point that I got everything back into the closet and was pretty proud of what I had accomplished. I had even posted this photo on IG as a preview to today's post.

But, after staring at this picture, I knew that I had to up the design factor in this space. It was in need of a huge dose of color. After some thinking, I remembered that I had a full quart of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue left over from my dresser makeover.

I got it up on the wall and was immediately in love!

The color seems so much richer up on the wall than on the dresser. So much so, that it made me think of this pin that I wrote about a few weeks ago.

It's one of those colors that just makes everything around it look good...even my shoe boxes.

It's the perfect partner to my DIY brass-painted pollen ball that I made for no reason last week. At that point, I had no idea where I would use it, but it is soooo at home in our closet.

It's on display along with my favorite shoes and a hand written note from my mother.

I hung it with some string and a few cup hooks.

I'm in love. I want to sleep in here.


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