Upon Request: A Two Strand Twist Tutorial

I've gotten, probably, ten requests to do a tutorial on something related to my hair. So, I, finally, bit the bullet and broke out my real camera. This is real life! I was up til 3 am, so, there's no makeup and I'm in my lay-around dress. See how much I love you guys!?!?

Let's get started!

You will want to do this on still damp, freshly washed and conditioned hair (I've done it on dry hair, but it's just not as fun [detangling dry hair = pure hell!!!]).

Separate your hair in 8-10 sections.

First section:

Grab your coconut oil...

just about the size of a quarter;

and grab your Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie...

a little more than the size of a quarter...

and rub it all into that section.

Separate a section that would be your bottom row of twists...

Break out this miracle worker and detangle that row.

Pull off 1 inch sections; separate each section into two collective strands of  hair and TWIST!

Pull out a section directly above your twists to start your second row.

The above section has three rows of twists with 3-4 twists in each row. Just keep going in this order throughout each section.

Here are the back two sections done!
But,would a VIDEO would help?!?!

Guys, this is the first video that I have ever in my life edited! It took me all day and the lighting is crazy, but I have to say that I'm proud of myself.

And just for good measure, here are a few more after shots!

If this helps just ONE person out there...this was all worth it.