Mother's Day Wishes

1. Sarah Francis Kuhn Camera Strap in "Classic" Black & Gold (photo via MadeByGirl) - Where I go, my camera goes. Well, at least it should. I'd be highly inclined to grab it more often if it was adorned by this beauty. The buttery leather and cool chain would feel a lot more luxurious around my neck or slung across the shoulders.
2. Makita 10"Compound Miter Saw - Do you know how many coffee tables & bookshelves I could knock out with this thing!?! I, definitely, don't mind the thought of having to store it in my section of our closet. Wonder what the hubs would think... (c;
3. Cocoa & Hearts Colors 119 Canvas - Yeah, it's sold for now, but I'm sure another can be created. This would be the perfect addition to our ever-growing gallery wall, pairing well with our own little Picasso's works of art!
4. Wrist Soiree Tassel Bracelets - I already have one of these and am itching to get every single color! The pink, blue, yellow & green would be the perfect additions for Mother's Day.
5. Living Social Deal for Splash Cleaning Services - Now what mother wouldn't want someone else to take over the cleaning for a change? This one is a no brainer...hope the hubs is paying close attention!