Heading Outdoors

It's heating up here in Memphis (it's actually over 80 degrees today), so it's time to prepare for mojitos on the balcony. Not to mention, Memphis in May has rolled around, so we're expecting to host a few house guests soon. But we can't have people walking up to our spot with it looking like this:

This just hurts my heart.
And as a result, I've been on the hunt for some outdoor inspiration, and boy, did I find it!

Our space tiny, but I want to be able to seat four people.

Lots of plants will help bring some life to such a dead corner.

Definitely, going to need some mood lighting for ambiance.

I want to keep the furniture neutral, but bring in color through the plants and accessories.

I've already started picking up pieces for our little balcony, so stay tuned for all the outdoor progress. Do you guys have plans for your outdoor spaces? Is the weather cooperating?  Do tell.