Hamilton House Update...and a bit of sad news

As promised, I'm posting photos of all the updates that have happened around the Hamilton household. I've rearranged furniture (separated the sectional), mixed up the art, made some new art, borrowed some lamps from another room, and even added some new pieces. So here they are...I'm think I'm finally happy with what's going on in here.

Removed the chaise, added the nesting tables & sun-burst mirror

Our first house plant! (pot from Homegoods)

Here's the full shot of that wall.

Here, you see the chaise in it's new home and a freshened-up gallery around the TV.

My new blogging corner.

Old letter press letters in our initials and a giraffe.

New art (by me), new candle sconces, new pouf & pillow from Homegoods.

I'm still in love with this chair. It still does it for me.

I sold the vintage bar cart, so my family heirloom got the open spot as the new bar.

I'm trying to decide if I want to refinish this piece, or leave it with all of it's "character".

Don't know if you guys have seen this angle. My DIY parsons tower is still going strong and hold other bar necessities (and books, of course)

Brass, glass & alcohol...what's not to love?

Back into the dining area

And that's our front door over there on the right. To get a better understanding of the layout, the corner with the chaise is what's on the other side of it.
But on to the sad news. I lost a very good friend today. We grew up together starting in elementary school; spent summers together at her grandmother's girls' club; played basketball together for over 4 years, including winning a state championship. Not only was she one of the best athletes I've ever known, she was also one of the most kind-hearted people anyone would ever meet. She had a sense of humor like none other and a smile that was meant to light up dark places. She left us so suddenly that I'm left with no words...just a broken heart.
All I can think about is that she could've been me. She couldn't been anyone. We were the same age. She had a daughter who is very close to the age of my son. My heart breaks for her. My heart breaks for her entire family. I just want them to know that I am praying God's peace and strength over them during this tragic time. There's nothing like losing a mother-daughter-granddaughter-sister-cousin-friend; but there's also nothing like God's peace.
Spring 2001

Summer 2008 (I was major preggo)

This beauty will be missed.

 I just ask all of my followers/readers/visitors to say a prayer for the Robinson/Higgins family.

This post is dedicated to Candice Robinson