Overdue Headboard Redo

Happy Thursday to you guys!!! Hope it's going well. Are you following me on Instagram? If not, click that link you just passed. If so, then you probably saw this yesterday.

This is the pic of the back of our headboard, right after I drafted out it's new shape. That's right...new shape.

You may recall what our headboard used to look like:

Nice! But take a closer look at at this room. Lots of squares and rectangles have a party, right? From the headboard to the dressers to the art, to the pillows, to the bench...our master bedroom collection was in desperate need of some curves!

I searched in net for some inspiration and came across several lovely candidates:

It was that last beauty from Lauren Leonard Interiors via LittleGreenNotebook that had me at hello.

I broke out my red sharpie and compass and mapped out my plan, then it was on to cutting...

and more cutting. I trimmed back the foam, batting and fabric and stapled everything back into place. From start to finish, the entire undo/redo process took me about 3 hours (including some intense vacuuming). And what we got in the in end, is this...

I'm in love...all over again.